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Nuba (Hastings and Cambie)

October 11, 2010
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On: October 2, 2010

Address: 207-B West Hastings on Cambie

I was honestly not expecting a restaurant as I have been to the other Nuba on Seymour and it was a Cafe style place. So when I walked in, I was a little surprised. A pleasant surprise. It had a good feel to place. Felt like a restaurant but still had a casual feel to it. Like you could bring anything from a group of friends to a date.

We were not very hungry so we ordered a couple of appitizers. What I ended up doing was sharing two appys with a friend. The Lamb Kibbeh Sainieh (Pan baked grain-fed halal lamb patties with burghul, pinenuts, onions and aromatic spices) and the Lamb Hushwie(sauteed lamb with onions, peppers, pinenuts and spices over hummus. Both were pretty good but I have to say that I prefer the Hushwie. The flavours blended really well when you had it with pita bread. The Kibbeh just felt like lamb patties with yogurt. It was not very impressive to me.

Lamb Kibbeh Saineh

Lamb Hushwie

The servers were friendly and were watchful of the table. There was never a cup left unfilled for too long. Server also provided good social banter as well.

Value was good if you expected dinner prices. Honestly I was expecting cafe style prices so was a little surprised when I saw the menu. But given the quality of the food and the feel of the place it is worth it.

I will have to go there and try the actual dinner meals the next time! I will be back!


Salty Tongue Cafe

October 2, 2010
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On: September 30, 2010

Address: Gastown, 213 Carrall St, Vancouver, BC V6B
Tel: (604) 915-7258

I have actually been here before for a some coffee with my friend and it was really good. So it was not my surprise when I was google searching for good sandwiches in Gastown that this was one of the options. When you see the place from afar, already looks like a place with great potential. The ambiance is really nice, and has a very good feel to it. When I stepped in, there a a few people in there just enjoying a light snack, or a cup of coffee. When you first go in you go in, there counter where you can order your food is right there, and above it, there is a huge board with all the items on the menu. Crossing a small divider, you go into a room that looks like a long hallway. There is a huge long table set right in the middle of it and it has chairs lining it.

This is a view from the back of the cafe to the front.

They even have a see through refrigerator with all the meats and pastas as well!

Soft rock music was playing in the background which made it a great place to go with a paper, a magazine, or a book to just sit and enjoy good food!

Food wise, I decided, after bantering with the girl taking my order and asking for her recommendations. I decided to order the Turkey Sandwich and soup. It had turkey, cranberries, mustard, and tomatoes. And the soup was the Potato and Onion soup.

The soup had a good flavour to it, and the texture was a typical of a root based soup. The sandwich was pretty amazing! The blend of flavours was great, with a hint of the mustard, the sweetness of the cranberries, overall an amazing sandwich. This is a place that I will come back for more and more!

Service is typical of most cafes here. You order up front and they serve you the drinks up there and you can take it to your table. If you do order food you can sit down and they will bring it over to you. Everyone was pretty friendly, and it had a very laid back atmosphere.

Value wise, I paid about $11 for the sandwich and soup so depending on your idea of value it can be pretty expensive. I did really enjoy the food and and the quality of the food was great. I will definitely be back for more!

Chill Winston

June 12, 2009
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Hello everyone,

Sorry I have been really busy for the last while with work and dance and life. Have not really had the chance to go explore the food places here in Vancouver.

Well last night I had the opportunity to explore Chill Winston. It’s a lounge in Gastown Vancouver. It was a really good experience there. Weather was amazing and we were seated at the patio just enjoying. It was my friend Mauve’s birthday celebration and I had a Great chance to try the food.

The ambiance was amazing, the patio was great, with the sun and heaters when it started to get chilly in the evening. It was set up fir a very cost experience. The washroom concept is really cool. They have four cubicles, two guys and two girls, and a common hand washing area, with a fountain looking tap structure. You should go at least once just to see that.

The food was pretty good. I tried the a Bourbon Beef pizza. It had Goat cheese, grilled asparagus, bourbon oyster mushrooms and smoked beef on a thin crust pizza. Very good flavour, and the presentation was very simple but elegant. The other dishes that everyone else ordered were also plated really well. And the girls were gushing about the deserts but I did not get a chance to try it.

Service was good though a little slow. But being a lounge it is a little expected.

Value is pretty decent for a lounge, you are paying or the ambiance and everything

Overall totally worth going and I will be there to try something else!

Here is a picture of the pizza I had!

Ebisu Robson

April 14, 2009
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Ebisu on Robson
Food: 7/10
Ambiance: 6/10
Servic: 7/10
Value for money: 6/10
Price: $15++

I had an opportunity to try this restaurant while my Uncle and Aunt were in town from visiting my cousin. We wanted to have Japanese food and I was thinking where would be a good place to bring them and we walked by Ebisu from the hotel therey were staying at.

First entering we were greeted by a waiter and then brought to our table. The general ambiance of this place was pretty good, looked like a modern Japanese restaurant, and it had a good view of Robson and the rockies, which was a plus. We went during daylight but I can imagine that at night it will get more romantic.

As for the food, it was really good. The sashimi was really fresh and was cut in very large slices. The wasabi was freshly grated and it went really well with the fresh fish. We ordered the Broiled Hamachi, this was a very tasty dish, the sourness of the sauce went really well with the fish. The nabeyaki was just reasonable tasting like the nabeyaki at any Japanese restaurant, but very hearty and filling. The Unagi-don, was very tasty and was served in a heater stone bowl, which lead to a very good texture for the rice, having it chewy and crunchy at the same time.

Service was reasonably, though the servers could be a little more watchful in terms of filling of water and tea.

Value, the sashimi was definately worth the money put into the meal. Everything was reasonable but expect to pay about $15++ per person if you want to enjoy the food here.

Kimono Restaurant

April 14, 2009
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So today I managed to try a Japanese restaurant that I have never tried before. Its Kimono Restaurant, found opposite Earl’s in Downtown Vancouver on Howe. So I am not too impressed, it feels to me to be the typical Japanese restaurant run by non Japanese. The food is pretty good, personally not fully Japanese cuisine but still decent to eat. What I find is that its the same type of food that you can have at any other Japanese Restaurant anywhere. Nothing draws me to ever come back to the place again. The service was just ok, nothing special and overall does not draw me to come back, ever…

Personal recommendation: There are other places which either taste better, or are cheaper, please do your stomach or your wallet a favour and have them instead. =P

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