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Nuba (Hastings and Cambie) | October 11, 2010

On: October 2, 2010

Address: 207-B West Hastings on Cambie

I was honestly not expecting a restaurant as I have been to the other Nuba on Seymour and it was a Cafe style place. So when I walked in, I was a little surprised. A pleasant surprise. It had a good feel to place. Felt like a restaurant but still had a casual feel to it. Like you could bring anything from a group of friends to a date.

We were not very hungry so we ordered a couple of appitizers. What I ended up doing was sharing two appys with a friend. The Lamb Kibbeh Sainieh (Pan baked grain-fed halal lamb patties with burghul, pinenuts, onions and aromatic spices) and the Lamb Hushwie(sauteed lamb with onions, peppers, pinenuts and spices over hummus. Both were pretty good but I have to say that I prefer the Hushwie. The flavours blended really well when you had it with pita bread. The Kibbeh just felt like lamb patties with yogurt. It was not very impressive to me.

Lamb Kibbeh Saineh

Lamb Hushwie

The servers were friendly and were watchful of the table. There was never a cup left unfilled for too long. Server also provided good social banter as well.

Value was good if you expected dinner prices. Honestly I was expecting cafe style prices so was a little surprised when I saw the menu. But given the quality of the food and the feel of the place it is worth it.

I will have to go there and try the actual dinner meals the next time! I will be back!


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