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Menya | September 28, 2010


Address: 401 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V5Y1R4
Tel: Tel: (604) 873-3277

So I just finished meeting up with a friend and I was in the neighbourhood so I decided to give this place a try. I have heard about it for quite a while but there was never a good motivation to actually head all the way over to try it. (Its kinda sad because I do live about half an hour to the place at the most.)

Food wise, I ordered a Miso Ramen, and made it a set, so it basically came with a onigiri and gyoza. The onigiri came first, and it was pretty good I have had better ones at Benkei before. It was the lightly flavoured rice. Personally, there was not much taste to it. Then the gyoza came, and it tasted very typical, but it was small. For the usual size that you get in other ramen places, it was about 1/2 to 2/3 the size. Flavour, was pretty good though. I am not sure if it was bought or made by the place but I liked it. The ramen came soon after, it looked good, and I liked the flakes of fried garlic on it. It added an additional pop of flavour whenever you took in a mouthful. The broth wise it was not very impressive, there was a little bit too much of something that tasted like ginger to me. The texture of the noodles were also not as good as some of the other places in Vancouver.

Ambience was like any regular normal ramen place, a little run down. Just some small booths and tables around. Mostly a place for up to groups of fours, but I did see them merge tables for larger groups while I was there.

Service was not that great. I had to wait quite a while for the bill to arrive though I had specifically asked for it. And the waitresses seemed to be too preoccupied by filling orders then everything else, ie filling up water, bringing up the bill, etc.

Value, for the price I paid, which was about 12 dollars, it was not too bad. I normally would just have a bowl of ramen that would be enough for me and it was $7.50 before tax so it actually is quite reasonable.

Overall, still feel that I would rather go to other ramen places to get my ramen fix.


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