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Chill Winston | June 12, 2009


Hello everyone,

Sorry I have been really busy for the last while with work and dance and life. Have not really had the chance to go explore the food places here in Vancouver.

Well last night I had the opportunity to explore Chill Winston. It’s a lounge in Gastown Vancouver. It was a really good experience there. Weather was amazing and we were seated at the patio just enjoying. It was my friend Mauve’s birthday celebration and I had a Great chance to try the food.

The ambiance was amazing, the patio was great, with the sun and heaters when it started to get chilly in the evening. It was set up fir a very cost experience. The washroom concept is really cool. They have four cubicles, two guys and two girls, and a common hand washing area, with a fountain looking tap structure. You should go at least once just to see that.

The food was pretty good. I tried the a Bourbon Beef pizza. It had Goat cheese, grilled asparagus, bourbon oyster mushrooms and smoked beef on a thin crust pizza. Very good flavour, and the presentation was very simple but elegant. The other dishes that everyone else ordered were also plated really well. And the girls were gushing about the deserts but I did not get a chance to try it.

Service was good though a little slow. But being a lounge it is a little expected.

Value is pretty decent for a lounge, you are paying or the ambiance and everything

Overall totally worth going and I will be there to try something else!

Here is a picture of the pizza I had!


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